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Do you every look at your to do list and wonder how you are ever going to get things done?


Break things down and prioritize!  Each day I have my To Do items limited to 9 things:

1 BIG, 3 Medium, 5 small

The Big To Do item I try to book 1 hour in the morning when I am clear headed and haven’t gotten bogged down with the day.

Medium things I block off 2 hours and use the Pomodoro Technique: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique

The Small items are meeting prep, followups and regular admin tasks and can each take 10-15 minutes.

So in all reality I have 4 hours of my day “BOOKED” to work on my to do list in my calendar. And don;t forget to book times for taking a lunch, a short walk, some sunshine time. If not your day will be all work and meetings and no self care.

-Mary French, PMP

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