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I loved this book – and read it twice….

Thanks to the Fantastic Strangelings Book Club I have a nice stack of books to read.  The latest - Crossings by ALex Landragin was amazing!  So much I read it twice (as is expected when you are informed there are two patterns you can read the book).  More details...

Time Tips

5 Tips to Improve your Productivity

You've been working from home for a while now and you're feeling like your productivity has gone down. You feel more distracted and less focused than ever before. But it's not all bad, right? After all, you get to work in your pajamas every day! Set a timer for the...

Time Tips

How do you keep focus with all the NOISE?

If you were to set out to devise the most annoying and ineffective system for project management, you had probably come up with something where a sound or alert interrupted you every time a new message comes in, commandeering your attention and while you are busy...

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